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Our recent trip to Nepal was truly amazing. It ticked all the boxes, adventure, spiritual, wildlife and the friendliest people you could ever meet and did I mention the great vegetarian food.

- Kate McDougall

I consider myself reasonably well travelled and I would place Kathmandu  near the top on the list of great cities of the world. It mightn't be as big as New York or as stylish as Paris but it has something you can never forget. The sights and sounds of the city are amazing. The place has an energy and enthusiasm which you don't find many places.

Of course Kathmandu is the gateway to wonderful Nepal and every superlative you think of fits, "spectacular", "breathtaking", "extroadinary". I trekked in the Annapurnas and when I look back I just feel so grateful to have had the chance to go there. To have met our guides, porters and seen some of that country was a truly great experience.

I went on an escorted trip with  Ann and Steve and feel that if they are to be your tour guides you can relax- you are in good hands. They are lovely people who well organised, very friendly and very helpful. They have the knack of making the trip run smoothly and including everyone. As a consequence our group had a great great time, 10 out of 10 for Ann and Steve.

- Peter O 'Dowd

My holiday in Nepal remains of my most memorable- the landscape takes your breath away and the people are just beautiful. I would certainly recommend a visit.  Ann and Steve have visited Nepal many times and their experience and knowledge can help anyone organize an unforgettable trip

- Sue Greenwood

My wife went on a trip to Nepal and I have heard about how much she enjoyed it ad infinitum, I am going to have to go myself

- Stephen Greenwood

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