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Why travel with us?

Our motto is to provide "value for money". After our clients go home, most of them start promoting our business for us through word of mouth. The companies we use have excellent record of customer satisfaction and continued success has led us to expand our range of services. As well as sightseeing, cultural tours, and a wide range of treks in Nepal, we now offer mountain biking tours, rafting expeditions, hotel reservations, Wildlife Safaris,and tours to Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and India. In fact, we specialize in tailor-making your holiday to your requirements.

Our Nepalese based company has been committed to providing visitors with access to the remote areas of Nepal since its creation in 1985 with 10% repeated clients, 25% of recommended clients and 65% of overseas booking clients every year. As a member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal, the company provides organized treks that are the best value for money while preserving and respecting the environment. We are committed to keeping Nepal green by focusing on ecotourism and low-impact trekking, and preserving the local culture. With camping groups, the company supplies fuel so that no local wood is used for our cooking purposes and 10% of total profit is donated for forestation and education to villagers to teach about ecology and its effect on earth in order to protect nature, Himalayan Holidays offers a wide variety of different treks to suit both novices and experienced trekkers. Whether you have two days or two months to spend in the mountains, an interest in cultural heritage, mountaineering, trekking, we can arrange an itinerary to suit you. We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff including the director and office managers who arrange your trip, expert guides and porters, and cooks to prepare your food. Guides are accredited by the Hotel Management Technical Training Center and are fluent in English.

So what ever type of holiday you are looking for, Himalayan Holidays can organise that special trip just for you.